Our Story

South Peachtree Creek Nature Preserves, Inc. was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in November 1995. A Board of Directors was elected and bylaws were adopted by the board to direct the operations of the organization. Current operations include management of the 28-acre Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve (CSNP) on Pine Bluff Road in Decatur, Georgia.

SPCNP, Inc. funding comes from supporter donations (primarily neighbors), local businesses, events and tours, and grants. No financial support comes from DeKalb County or other government sources.

In a typical year, expenses average over $10,000. This includes liability insurance (required by the lease), materials costs for improvements, events expenses, printing and mailing costs, equipment rentals, telephone service, and post office box. Some of these are fixed costs, some are variable. In 2015, we spent over $900 to remove a large pine tree along Pine Bluff Road that was leaning toward the street and cars of visitors to the Preserve. Expenses are minimized by getting materials donated or discounted. We continue to look for creative ways to accomplish our goals at minimal costs.

No funds go toward paying salaries or wages for board members. All volunteers give generously of their time and efforts during workdays and other events to benefit our neighbors and the wildlife that call CSNP home. Our volunteers give up time with families, jobs, and friends because we believe so strongly that our work is critically important to the quality of life in our neighborhood.