Planning Your Visit

Bird veiwing 003You are invited to come and enjoy the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve by walking on our several miles of trails and learning about the local ecology from interpretive signs.  We also have two outdoor classrooms for use by groups.

While at the Preserve, please remember the following simple rules::

  1. The Nature Preserve hours are from Dawn to Dusk
  2. Fires, camping, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are all STRICTLY PROHIBITED. VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.

Please help us continue to maintain and protect this 28-acre wildlife sanctuary by:

  1. Picking up litter and placing all garbage in the trash cans provided.
  2. Keeping all dogs and other pets leashed at all times.
  3. Avoiding shouting or making a loud noise that might disturb wildlife.
  4. Supervising all children and setting an example for them by staying on the trails.
  5. Remembering the importance of respecting this natural setting by leaving all trees and plants alone (no picking, pruning, or defacing of any kind).